View Default Analytic Dashboards

Review the company reports.

View the Analytics Dashboard

Review your organization's Analytics Reports in a dashboard view to analyze Process data in the Default Reports page. There are two default dashboards: Case Counter and Duration.

AWS QuickSight Account Required

Prior to being able to download user activity logs for one user or all in your organization, ensure that an Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight is configured. Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI).

The following message displays if your ProcessMaker Platform instance is not configured to your AWS QuickSight: Unable to connect. If this message displays, please contact your Customer Success Manager to address this.

Ask Designers and Administrators in your company to custom default dashboards in their Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight account. For more information, see Create a Visual in AWS QuickSight.

Follow these steps to view Default Analytic Dashboards:

  1. Log on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. Click the Analytics option from the top menu. The Default Reports page displays. The following dashboards display, each in its tab in the following order:

Case Counter Dashboard

The Case Counter dashboard automatically counts and tracks Process Cases in your organization. This dashboard displays charts that save time from counting and tracking Cases, which is a time-consuming and error-prone procedure when done manually.

The Case Counter charts do not include the following, and therefore are not counted in the Case Counter charts:

Duration Dashboard

Charts in the Duration dashboard provide users with a comprehensive overview of the time it takes to complete cases. These charts offer valuable insights into process efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and support decision-making for process optimization.

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