View pending and completed tasks that have been assigned to you.

What is a Task?

In simple terms, a "Task" represents an activity or work a Request participant must do. This activity may be information that must be provided, reviewed, approved, decided about, or otherwise acted upon via ProcessMaker Platform. However, a Task may also be an activity that occurs in the physical environment in which ProcessMaker Platform is not involved: moving inventory containers or making a phone call, for example. People participate in Processes through Tasks.

For example, each of the following are Tasks that you might use for a purchase process:

  • An employee enters information about the purchase request, such as items to be requisitioned.

  • A manager approves or rejects the purchase request.

  • The purchasing manager enters information on a vendor website to order approved items.

  • Warehouse personnel move purchased inventory for shipping.

  • Self-service a Task to review a purchase request by assigning that Task to yourself from a queue of Tasks.

View Assigned Tasks

The To Do page displays all Tasks that are assigned to you.

Follow these steps to view your assigned Tasks:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. Click the Tasks option from the top menu. The To Do Tasks page displays. Tasks that display on this page are assigned to you.

Below is an example of the To Do Tasks page that displays your assigned Tasks.

Columns in the To Do task list

The To Do Tasks page displays the following information in tabular format about your assigned Tasks:

  • Case #: The Case # column displays the Case number associated with the assigned Task.

  • Case Title: The Case Title column displays the title of the Case. The Case title may vary for each Case based on Request variable values for that Case. Click the Request name to view the Request summary. Process Managers specify which Request variables to reference from that Process's configuration.

  • Flag: The Flag column displays in two ways:

    • If the flag is red-colored, it means the task is highlighted as important.

    • If the flag is not colored, it is not important. You can click the empty flag to highlight it as important.

  • Process: The Process column displays the Process name associated with the Request.

  • Task: The Task column displays the name of the assigned Task.

  • Status: The Status column displays the status of the Task. Since all Tasks in the To Do Tasks page are Tasks you have not completed, all Tasks display with the In Progress status green colored.

  • Due Date: The Due Date column displays the date and time the Task is due. If - displays, then no due date was set to the Task. The time zone setting to display the time is according to the ProcessMaker Platform instance unless your user profile's Time zone setting is specified.

Preview a Task

The Preview pane appears to the right of the To Do Tasks page to display the screen for the task being previewed.

Following actions can be performed from the Preview Pane:

Completing a Task from the Preview Pane

Follow these steps to complete a task from the Preview Pane:

  1. Complete the form and submit it. The task list will refresh to complete form submission and display an updated list of tasks.

  2. Hover over another task to preview it or click on the task name to open it.

Task Management

Here are some guidelines on how to manage tasks in your Inbox.

Open a Task

View a Request Associated with a Task

To view a Request summary, do one of the following:

  • From the Case # or Case Title column, click the link for the assigned Task.

Search for a Task

In the Search here field, use Request data to search for Tasks based on the following criteria:

  • Request: Search based on the Process names associated with the Request(s).

  • Task: Search using Task names as part of your search criteria.

  • Status: Search using one or more of the following Task statuses:

    • In progress: Include Tasks that are assigned to you which are in progress

    • Completed: Include Tasks that are you have completed

    • Self service: Include Tasks that you can assign to yourself

For more information, see search for Tasks.

Be Reminded of Overdue Tasks

A message displays above your assigned Tasks showing how many of those Tasks are overdue.

Furthermore, the due dates for overdue Tasks display in a different color in the Due column than Tasks that are not overdue.

No Assigned Tasks?

If there are no assigned Tasks, the following message displays: You don't currently have any tasks assigned to you.

Display Information the Way You Want It

Control how tabular information displays, including how to sort columns or how many items display per page.

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