Search for a Task

Search for any Task that has been assigned to you.


Search for Tasks using ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL). To do basic or advanced searches for Tasks, view one of the following Tasks pages:

Search for a Task

Use the PMQL to compose a search for Tasks.

Follow these guidelines to do an advanced search for a Task using PMQL:

  1. View one of the Tasks pages described in the Overview of this topic.

  2. Ensure that the advanced search setting is displaying on the Tasks page you are viewing.

  3. In the PMQL setting, enter your PMQL parameters that compose your advanced search. See Task Data Type PMQL Properties.

    Note that PMQL searches for self-service Tasks that have not been self-assigned by a user do not use the _user.ID Magic Variable because self-service Tasks do not have a Task assignee. Therefore, the _user.ID Magic Variable is not available when doing advanced searches for self-service Tasks.

View a Request Summary Associated with a Task

To view a Request summary, do one of the following:

  • From the Case # or Case Title column, click the link for the assigned Task.

Super-Charge Search: Save Searches and Share Them With Others

See Save and Share Request- and Task-Related Searches.

No Search Results?

If there are no search results, the following message displays: No Data Available.

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