Start a Process from the Launchpad

Learn how to start a process from the launchpad.

Start a Case from the Process Launchpad

Follow these steps to start a request of your Process:

  1. Go to Process Launchpad and find your process.

  2. Click on the process card to view the launchpad.

  3. If there are different starting events, choose one of the following:

    • If the starting event is a Web Entry, click Copy Link to copy the web entry URL to the clipboard. If you are copying an anonymous Web Entry link while logged in to ProcessMaker, the following message will be displayed. This message indicates that you must log out in order to use this anonymous web entry link.

    • If the starting event is a Start Task Event, click Start to start a case in the same login session.

  4. The first Task in that process will be displayed. Complete the task as designed to proceed with the process.

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