SSO - Atlassian Settings

Configure SSO settings for Atlassian.

Configure Atlassian SSO Settings


Furthermore, your user account or group membership must have the "Settings: Update Settings" permission to edit SSO SAML settings unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected.

See the Settings permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

The following information is required to configure SSO with Atlassian:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

To generate or locate this information, refer to the Atlassian Developer Guide.

See an example in the following video showing how to configure Atlassian SSO settings.

  • Intended audience: System administrators and Process designers

  • Viewing time: 3 minutes; contains narration

Configure the following Atlassian SSO settings as necessary:

  1. From the list of SSO identity providers, enable the Atlassian option. The SSO - Atlassian panel displays.

  2. Enter your Atlassian client ID, and then click Save.

  3. Enter your Atlassian client secret, and then click Save

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