Create a Dashboard

Create a dashboard that displays BMI, KPIs, and commonly used information for business stakeholders.

Create a Dashboard

Design a Screen to Contain Your Dashboard

Prior to creating a dashboard, ensure that the following ProcessMaker Platform assets exist for this dashboard:

  • A Display-type Screen must contain the content for your dashboard. If the specific Screen for this dashboard does not exist, create that Screen.

  • While a dashboard may contain any content that a Display-type Screen supports, consider any of the following for an effective dashboard:

    • Design Business management information (BMI) and key performance indicators (KPI) for intended business stakeholders. Create one or more Saved Searches, and then design Saved Search charts from the Saved Search(es) to provide KPIs that your intended business stakeholders would inform them of business information they would value.

    • Design content in that Screen that this dashboard's intended audience would find valuable, including but not limited to general information, files to download or preview that this audience uses frequently, and images. Integrate information from a Collection record to provide relevant record data.

  • Design the Screen as intended to display the dashboard's content.

Follow these steps to create a dashboard:

  1. View all dashboards in your organization. The Dashboards tab displays:

  2. In the Name setting, enter a unique name for the dashboard. This is a required setting.

  3. From the Screen setting, select the Display-type Screen designed with content for the dashboard. This is a required setting.

  4. In the Description (optional) setting, enter a description for the dashboard.

  5. Click Save. The following message displays after creating the dashboard: Configuration Dashboard Updated.

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