Generate Your Script Using AI Assistant

Generate a Script using ProcessMaker's Artificial Intelligence (AI) without using code. Describe how the Script is to function using natural language.

Generate Your Script Using Natural Language

ProcessMaker's AI Assistant in Script Editor helps you create highly usable scripts faster than coding them yourself. Generate a Script without knowing how to code. Use almost any natural language to describe the Script's intended functionality.

For example, describe a Script to perform the following functionality using the following text:

First, visit a reputable travel website or an airline's official website. Next, enter the departure and destination locations, along with the preferred travel dates.

There is no need to describe which programming language in which to generate this Script because you select that programming language when creating the Script prior to describing its function.

Note that this feature is only available when creating a Script using JavaScript or PHP programming languages.


Your user account or group membership must have the following permissions to generate a Script using natural language:

  • Scripts: View Scripts

  • Scripts: Create Scripts

  • Scripts: Edit Scripts

See the Scripts permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Follow these steps to generate a Script using a natural language description of its function:

  1. The AI Assistant features display.

  2. Click the Generate Script From Text option. The Generate Script From Text panel displays.

  3. In the Description setting, enter a natural language description of how the script is to function. One Script description may use no more than 1000 tokens. A token is a common sequence of characters found in text for a particular language. Generally, one token corresponds to approximately four (4) characters of common English-language text. This corresponds to approximately 100 tokens to about 75 words in English. To the right of the Description label displays how many tokens your description currently uses. If your description exceeds 1000 tokens, shorten the length of your description.

  4. Optionally, click the Give me inspiration! link for examples. From the Need Inspiration? field, view English-language phrases how to describe specific functions to generate in the Script. Click a phrase or phrase template to copy it into your Clipboard, and then paste it into into the appropriate location in your description.

  5. Click the Generate button. The Before you continue screen displays.

  6. Position your cursor in the position within Script Editor to place the generated script. By default, the cursor positions at the beginning of Line 1. Click the Confirm button. AI Assistant processes the natural language prompt describing the script, and then Script Editor displays two panes:

    • Current Script: The Current Script pane displays the script prior to the AI-generated script.

    • AI Generated Response: The AI Generated Response pane displays the AI-generated script. Differences in code from the script in the Current Script pane display with the following code highlighting:

      • Additional code: Additional code displays with a green-colored highlight.

      • Removed code: Removed code displays with a red-colored highlight.

  7. Click one of the following buttons from the AI Generated Response pane:

    • Apply Changes: Click the Apply Changes button to accept the AI-generated script. Script Editor displays the AI-generated script in its default view.

    • Cancel: Click the Cancel button to not accept the AI-generated script. Script Editor displays the current script in its default view.

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