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Introducing ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024 Release

ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024, our latest enterprise product release, is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based SaaS solution that enables AI-Powered Business Process Automation.

Release notes document new features, improvements, fixes, and known issues associated with this release.

See the Spring 2024 Quick Start Guide to learn how to use the new features in this release.

Version History

Version 4.10.0 Release Date: May 9, 2024 New Features: FlowGenie, Image to process, Screen templates, A/B Testing, Smart Inbox, and more. See What's New for a complete list.

System Requirements

System Requirements

ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024 requires the following newer system requirements than those from ProcessMaker 4.4.x:

What's New!

ProcessMaker’s 2024 Spring Release introduces the following new features and enhancements designed to accelerate your business process automation. Please contact your Sales representative or Enterprise Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Harness the possibilities of AI tools directly in process flows. Now, users can add a task in the process model where they configure the FlowGenie to complete the same AI prompt for each case, based on the information provided by the requestor.

Click here to learn more.

Image to Process

Use ProcessMaker AI to create processes from an image. Time to value is significantly improved for anyone who already has a process mapped in another program or even on a whiteboard or sketch pad. Upload or take a photo of the sketch or diagram and the AI assistant will provide you two versions to choose from. Pick the one that best matches your process and start modeling.

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Screen Templates

Screens templates are now available to expediate creation of screens. These templates provide commonly-used layouts including screen elements, formatting, and aesthetic improvements like logos and color schemes. Select which parts of the template you want to include and get started in seconds!

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A/B Testing

Optimize process performance faster with more controls at your disposal. Simultaneously use multiple versions of a process at once to see how each one performs with real users.

  1. Create a second version of an existing process.

  2. Edit alternate process (version B).

  3. Set the percentage of cases that will go to each.

  4. Track test results with process analytics.

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Smart Inbox

Keep you inbox organized and empty it faster with the Smart Inbox update. Rules do most of the work for you, applying the same responses to tasks that you’ve completed before.

  • Create rules to handle frequent task scenarios

  • Flag priorities & save drafts

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Guided Templates

Guided Templates are now even easier to use and come pre-loaded with Launchpad settings. Harness the full benefit of IDP and integrate invoice approval with other tools you already use.

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Who Can Use ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024?

All existing ProcessMaker Platform users automatically upgrade to ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024 seamlessly and continue to leverage best-in-class technology. The transition does not disrupt your ongoing business operations and you do not need to take any additional actions to benefit from this release.

For users on ProcessMaker 3, the minimum version required for an upgrade to ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024 is 3.8.0. After upgrading, ProcessMaker 3 customers can access/edit all their current ProcessMaker 3 processes using the PM Classic feature. However, any new Processes must be created in ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2024.

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