Configure Home Screens for Request Participants

Design Home Screens that display for Request participants when they log on to ProcessMaker Platform to show relevant business information.


Home Screens organize daily work for Request participants. They are the "home locations" for each of these business stakeholders. These Screens provide quick access to assigned Tasks, Requests, and Process Analytics reports. See What is a Request Participant Home Screen?.

Custom Home Screens can be designed to replace the default Home Screen. For example, design a Home Screen for different teams within your organization based on functional roles or Projects.

A Home Screen is composed of the following:

  • A Display-type Screen with controls to display the business data or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for its audience. This may include Saved Search charts, Process Analytics reports, rich text, or any other information relevant to that audience.

  • A dashboard that references the Screen.

  • Assigning the dashboard to specific users and/or groups. When that user or group member visits that page for the first time during that log on session, the Home Screen displays.

Guidelines to Design a Custom Home Screen

Follow these guidelines to design a custom Home Screen to replace the default Home Screen:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Use the default Home Screen template from which to design the new Home Screen:

      1. Search for the DEFAULT_WELCOME_SCREEN_TEMPLATE Screen.


      3. Edit the copied Screen. This Screen contains the controls configured for the default Request participant Home Screen.

      4. Optionally, use List Table controls to display the following:

        • Display all Tasks for the logged on user. The assigned Tasks display by default.

        • Display all Requests that the logged on user either started or is a participant. In-progress Requests display by default.

        • Display all the Requests that the logged on user may start.

  2. Add and configure the controls for the business data or KPIs to display to in the Home Screen.

  3. Create a dashboard that references the Screen designed for the Home Screen.

  4. Do any of the following to reference the dashboard for those who are to experience your Home Screen when they visit that page the first time during their log on session:

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