Script Editor

Use ProcessMaker AI to code, document, and test your Script in a secure and isolated environment.‌

What is the Script Editor?

Use Script Editor to code, document, and test your Scripts. Any Script can be used in any Process in your organization developed using programming languages that Script Editor supports.‌

Use Cornea AI to Code, Clean, Document, and Explain Your Script's Functionality

More efficiently produce your Scripts with ProcessMaker's AI assistant, Cornea AI. Use Cornea AI's no-coding option in the following ways to more efficiently produce Script assets:

  • Generate a Script using a natural language description of its function: Use almost any natural language to describe the Script's intended functionality.

  • Clean a Script to improve its code: Clean a Script to improve its coding structure and efficiency. Your Script does not need to have been generated by Cornea AI to clean it.

  • Document a Script: Use Cornea AI to add comments into the Script to document its functionality. Your Script does not need to have been generated by Cornea AI to document it.

  • Explain how a Script functions: Use Cornea AI to explain how a Script functions. Provide a Script, and Cornea AI describes its functionality in simple natural language. As with other Cornea AI features, your Script does not need to have been generated by Cornea AI to explain its functionality.

Note that Cornea AI features are only available when using Scripts in JavaScript or PHP programming languages.

Scripts Run Securely with Script Executors

Scripts run securely and in isolation from within Docker containers called Script Executors. The Script Executor for each supported programming language contains the Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports extensibility to provide programmatic interaction with ProcessMaker Platform. When the ProcessMaker Platform instance calls a Script to run, the Script Executor for that programming language creates a Docker container corresponding with that programming language, runs the Script, and then destroys the Docker container. This ensures that any malicious script that anyone in your organization might inadvertently introduce to ProcessMaker Platform does not affect the instance or its hosting environment: Docker containers cannot access them. Furthermore, Docker containers cannot listen for inbound connections; therefore, a Docker container cannot be accessed externally.

Scripts are developed and tested in the same environment.

‌Below is the Script Editor displaying a Script written in PHP.‌

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