Edit Launchpad Configuration

Configure how a process is displayed in the Launchpad.

Configure a Process in Launchpad

Follow these steps to configure a process launchpad:

  1. From the Process Launchpad, select a process card to view details.

  2. Click the three dots next to the process name.

  3. Click the Edit in Launchpad option to view Launchpad settings.

  4. From the Launch Screen setting, select the Default Launchpad option to use the default Launchpad appearance and configure the following additional settings.

    • From the Launchpad Carousel setting, upload an image or embed a media file using an embed URL. The carousel supports a maximum file size of 2MB.

    • In the Description of Process field, enter a process description.

    • The Launch Screen settings has the Default Launchpad selected by default, however, a display-type screen can be selected to replace the default Launchpad appearance. The Launch Screen option replaces the carousel, process description, case counter, case status chart, My Tasks, and My Requests sections. Users will still be able to see the Start this Process button to start a new case.

    • From the Launchpad Icon setting, select an icon to display in the process card shown in the Launchpad.

    • From the Chart dropdown, select a chart to display in the process launchpad.

  • The Launchpad carousel supports PNG and JPG files of size 2MB or less with a recommended resolution 1800 x 750 pixels.

  • The carousel also supports uploading a media file using an embed code.

  1. Click Save to save the configuration.

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