PM Blocks Best Practices

Follow these guidelines and best practices when building PM Blocks.

Guidelines to Build PM Blocks

Follow these guidelines when building PM Blocks.

Specify the PM Block's Label as a Process Model Object

When building the configuration settings for a PM Block, in the Name setting, specify the label for that PM Block when it is placed into a Process model. This label is different than the name of the PM Block as it displays on the PM Blocks page.

Every PM Block Must Have One Start-Type Event

Every PM Block must have one of the following Start-type events in its Process model:

When building the configuration settings for a PM Block, in the Start Event Drop Down setting, select the Start-type event that triggers that PM Block. Without this setting configured, the PM Block never triggers regardless of the conditions in that Request. Therefore, this is a required configuration.

Only one Start-type event may be used in the Process model for a PM Block.

Add an Icon to Make the PM Block Easily Recognizable

As aa PM Block author, add an icon when specifying general configuration settings for your PM Block for the following reasons:

  • Make your PM Block easily recognizable for designers to use.

  • Make your PM Block distinctive from other PM Blocks in the PM Blocks tab of the Explorer panel.

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