Example: Using Formulas in Decision Tables


Intended audience: Process Owners and Designers

Tags: Decision Table; Request Variables; Formulas

This example show how to use formulas in a Decision table. The Decision table used in this example has four input columns: Gross Income, Credit Score, Loan Amount Requested, and Net Income. The table also has one output column: Approval Status.

Click on the following link to download this Decision Table.

Follow these steps to import and use this Decision Table:

  1. Click Browse to locate the downloaded Decision Table.

  2. Click Import. The Import Decision Table screen displays to indicate that the Decision Table imported correctly.

  3. From the Preview options on the right, select Sample Input to test the Decision Table.

  4. Enter the following JSON data.

   "income": "1000", 
   "score": "600", 
   "amount": "1500", 
  1. Modify the JSON as needed to try out different input values.

  2. Insert a Decision Task into a process and configure properties to use Decision Tables in your processes.

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