JSON Data Visualization

See JSON format in ProcessMaker Platform.


The JSON data format is present mainly in the Request data. The following features also contain JSON format:

Data Browser

Alternatively to the classic JSON structure, use the Data Browser to explore the tree representation of JSON as a data model to understand different structural elements within it.

Do any of the following from the Data Browser:

Follow these steps to navigate around the Data Browser:

  1. Drag and drop with the cursor to navigate the Data Browser canvas.

Adjust the Viewing Size

If your Data Browser does not display in your browser window well such that you are navigating around your map with your cursor, adjust the zoom perspective of your map:

  • Increase the viewing percentage to view a big map.

  • Decrease the viewing percentage to view a small map.

Follow these steps to adjust the viewing size of your Data Browser:

  1. Adjust the viewing percentage of the Data Browser canvas following these guidelines:

    • Zoom out from the Data Browser canvas:

      • Press the keyboard key combination Control+- (Command+- for Apple keyboards).

    • Zoom in to the Data Browser canvas:

      • Press the keyboard key combination Control++ (Command++ for Apple keyboards).

Search Nodes

Search nodes by entering a text. Follow these steps to search nodes in your map:

  1. While the Search Node field is focusing, press the Enter key to go to the next instance. The instance displays with yellow-colored highlighting.

See Node Content

See a node in a separate window node. Follow these steps to see the node content:

  1. Locate the node you want to see.

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