Use ProcessMaker's FlowGenie to generate AI-powered tasks by simply entering a description.


ProcessMaker's FlowGenie introduces an AI Studio within the Process Modeler, providing Process Designers with the capability to execute a wide range of tasks by simply entering a description of what they wish to achieve. FlowGenie has the following features and functionalities:

  • FlowGenie is accessible as a new AI-powered process object within the Modeler.

  • Designers enter a prompt and provide relevant input data, which the FlowGenie utilizes to generate a response.

  • The response can be formatted as text, JSON, or an HTML table.

  • Designers have the ability to add and link multiple Genies within their processes. Each Genie executes a single prompt and returns a response in a request variable for the next Genie. Request variables can be passed to Genies using mustache syntax within the prompt.

  • Genies can be expanded into a full-size FlowGenie Studio, enabling users to test, preview, and fine-tune their behavior directly within the Modeler environment.

  • Genies also have the capability to interpret file attachments, providing potential for document processing.

Common Use Cases for FlowGenie

  • Transform existing case data: Merge string fields, perform calculations on number or date fields, and sort arrays.

  • Generate new case data: Create lists/tables, pre-fill responses, and translate inputs.

  • Analyze case data: Summarize texts and offer insights from common public information.

  • Analyze file attachments: Identify documents, scan images for context, and perform OCR extractions.

Use FlowGenie to Analyze Images

Watch the following product tour to learn how FlowGenie can analyze images and generate text output based on the entered prompt.

Use FlowGenie to Generate a JSON Response

Watch the following product tour to learn how FlowGenie can use Request Variables to generate a JSON response.

Use FlowGenie to Generate a Table

Watch the following product tour to learn how FlowGenie can use a variety of input data and generate a response formatted as a table.

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