Participant Welcome Screen

Learn what Home Screens are for Request participants, and how they organize your Tasks, Requests, and Process Analytics Reports.


Your Home Screen organizes your Requests and Tasks as a "home location" from which to quickly access the following:

Optionally, Administrators can configure custom Home Screens for Request participants that display in dashboards. For example, members of different groups within your organization can have different Home Screens that best suits how each team works.

From your Home Screen, quickly access your assigned Tasks from the My Tasks pane.

The My Tasks pane functions similarly to the To Do Tasks page from the Tasks menu, including the following:

  • Filter which Tasks to display by clicking the View All drop-down menu, and then select by which Task status to filter:

    • In Progress Tasks: Click the In Progress option to view Tasks that are in progress.

    • Overdue Tasks: Click the Overdue option to view overdue Tasks.

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