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Process Designers

How Do I Get Started with ProcessMaker Platform Summer 2023?

Quickly start on new ProcessMaker Platform Summer 2023 features
Are you on PM3? Get excited about ProcessMaker Platform! Quickly learn everything you need to know!

What Activities Can Process Designers Do?

Start designing Processes and their related assets

How Can I Create a Process?

A Process is a set of steps and decisions to complete a particular goal
Create from a blank canvas
Begin modeling your Process by describing it using natural language
Explore the possibilities by creating a Process from a Template

What Are Commonly Used Process Modeling Elements?

Starts a Request and sets who may do so
Assigns a Task to a person with a digital form
Determines the outcome to a decision based on workflow conditions
Ends a Request
Learn more about all BPMN 2.0 ProcessMaker Platform supports

How Do I Create Digital Forms?

Screens are digital forms which participants interact with information
Create digital forms for Tasks
Link a Screen to a Form Task element

What Essential Assets Can My Process Use?

Create scripts in C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Python, and R
Connect to a third-party service, designed by ProcessMaker
Design for different business rules that may be used in any Process

What Other Powerful Assets Can My Process Use?

Create a connector that accesses RESTful or SOAP data sources
A Reusable Process Modeler Object Composed of Other Objects

How Do I Optimize My Process?

View pre-developed reports that provide insight and analysis of how well your Processes perform
Review your organization's Analytics Reports to analyze Process data
View Analytics Reports created for you

How Do I Interact With Processes and Tasks?

Start participating in Requests and Tasks
Start an instance of a Process
View your assigned Tasks
View Tasks to Self-Service

How Do I Administer ProcessMaker Platform?

Start administering platform-wide settings
Create a user account and assign it platform permissions
Organize users into groups (and groups into groups) to better manage user permissions
Manage settings for DocuSign, IDP, LDAP, SCIM, SSO, and others
Grant applications access to ProcessMaker Platform
Customize branding, dashboards, top-level menus, and other UI
Create a container from which to run Scripts
Create graphical Process Analytics Reports for Process Managers to take insight how to optimize their Processes
Manage record Collections, designed to be your "Source of Truth" for data storage in ProcessMaker Platform
Manage text labels within ProcessMaker Platform

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Current production version: ProcessMaker Platform Summer 2023.1, released September 28, 2023. All customer production deployments upgrade to the latest version. See Release Notes.
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