Upgrade Guidelines

Preparation Guidelines for ProcessMaker Platform Upgrades

Follow these guides in preparation for each ProcessMaker Platform upgrade for a smooth upgrading experience.


This document describes preparation guidelines to upgrade to the latest version of ProcessMaker Platform and ensure smooth operation of all services after the upgrade. Our release strategy is to provide our customers with greater value while maintaining platform stability and performance. ProcessMaker Platform has the following release strategy:

  • Seasonal quarterly releases: To provide greater business value, ProcessMaker releases quarterly, named after seasons of that year, that deliver high-value new features and improvements to existing functionality.

  • Stability and performance releases: Between each seasonal quarterly release, ProcessMaker releases smaller updates that provide greater stability, performance, and bug fixes.

Who Should Use This Document?

This document has recommendations for ProcessMaker Platform customers in any of the following capacities:

  • Professional Services is actively working on a project: If Professional Services is actively working on a project for you, your Customer Success Manager will contact you to schedule a review shortly after you receive notification outlining the upgrade schedule for that release. ProcessMaker will test and verify that your in-progress project is ready to upgrade.

  • Professional Services is not actively working on a project: If Professional Services is not actively working on a project for you, please plan to test your Development instance and business solutions as soon as your instance is prepared. You will have approximately 30 calendar days to test. The release schedule outlines the dates for Development and Production upgrades. In doing so, follow these preparation guidelines based on your role in your organization. You might perform both of these roles:

When Should I Implement This Document's Guidelines?

Both Process Designer and Administrator recommendations must be complete prior to the Production upgrade of the new ProcessMaker Platform release.​

Upgrade Guidelines for Administrators

Administrators must follow these guidelines to prepare for a smooth upgrade to the latest ProcessMaker Platform release. Administrators must ensure the following in their current ProcessMaker Platform instances prior to upgrading to the latest release:​​

Test That Data Connectors Authenticate Properly with Their Data Sources

Test that Data Connectors authenticate properly with their data sources.

Test Integrations With Third-Party Applications and Services

Test integrations with third-party applications and services, including but not limited to internal data stores or DocuSign. Ensure that they function as expected.

Test Email Servers

Use the Testing Email Server function to verify that all configured email servers deliver test emails. Use the following links to configure email server settings for seamless communication and reliable email delivery:

Test Script Executors

Test all Script Executors. Following these guidelines:

  • Ensure each Script Executor can run a "Hello World" sample Script.

  • Test a more complex Script on each Script Executor, including custom Script Executors.

Test That Users Can Log On to ProcessMaker Via SAML

Test that users can log on their ProcessMaker Platform instance properly using SAML. Verify that all parameters are current. Ensure to save customizations if needed.

  • SAML Settings: Follow these instructions to configure SAML for seamless authentication across various platforms.

  • Watch a sample video: Watch this video to see an example for configuring specifics related to Microsoft platforms.

  • SAML With Microsoft: View instructions to configure SSO SAML authentication using Microsoft.

Verify That Dashboards are Configured Properly for All User Accounts and Groups

Verify that dashboards are properly designed and configured for all user accounts and groups that use them. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Ensure that each dashboard is configured with a Display-type Screen.

  2. Verify that the Screen for each dashboard displays data as designed.

  3. Test all external websites in which a ProcessMaker URL is embedded.

Verify That Collections and Their Permissions Are Configured Correctly

Verify that Collections and their user permissions are configured correctly. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Verify that each Collection is configured with the appropriate create, edit, and view Screens.

  2. Verify that users who have access to each Collection is configured with the appropriate permissions to use that Collection.

Verify That Customized UIs and CSS Render Properly

Verify that customized UIs and CSS configured in ProcessMaker Platform render properly. Ensure that custom logos, colors, and fonts render as expected.

Verify ProcessMaker Platform Functions With Custom Security Headers

If your ProcessMaker Platform instance is embedded, ensure that custom security headers allow it to render and be used properly.

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