Example: SAML With Microsoft Entra ID

Configure SSO SAML authentication using Microsoft Entra ID as the Identity Provider and integrating into PM Classic.


Configure ProcessMaker Platform and PM Classic to use SSO SAML authentication with the identity provider Microsoft Entra ID (Microsoft Azure Active Directory) as follows:

  1. Configuration for PM Classic (needed only for PM Classic users)

  • It is recommended to create and configure an enterprise application in Microsoft Entra ID concurrently with configuring ProcessMaker Platform and PM Classic. This is because each configuration procedure requires values from the other.

  • The web browser must support third-party cookies.

Create and Configure an Enterprise Application in Microsoft Entra ID

Follow these steps to add an enterprise application in Microsoft Entra ID:

  1. Log on to your Microsoft Azure account. The Welcome to Azure! window displays.

  2. Click View in the Manage Microsoft Entra ID section. The Default Directory screen displays.

  3. Click Enterprise Applications, then select the All Applications option. The Browse Microsoft Entra Gallery screen displays.

  4. Click Create your own application. Create your own application screen displays on the right.

  5. From the Create your own application screen:

    1. In the What's the name of your app?, enter the application name.

    2. Select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery).

    3. Click Add.

  6. On the sidebar, click Single sign-on. The Single sign-on screen displays.

  7. Click the SAML option. The SAML-based Sign-on page displays.

  8. From the Basic SAML Configuration section, click the Edit link. The Basic SAML Configuration page displays.

  9. Pause this procedure, and then begin configuring the ProcessMaker Platform SAML authentication until the SSO - SAML settings display.

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