Tasks Assigned to Request Participants

View all your assigned Tasks.


The Tasks tab displays the summary for all assigned Tasks to the Request participants at that time.

Follow these steps to view the tasks assigned to Request participants:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. View one of the following Requests pages:

  3. Do one of the following:

    • From the # column in the Request page, click the Request number associated with the Process that you want to view. That Request's summary displays.

  4. Click the Tasks tab. Tasks display per row in a table.

Tasks Assigned to Request Participants

The Tasks tab displays if requests are In-Progress, Canceled, or in Error status.

Click a tab below to view the Tasks tab for each status type that uses it. Tabs for each status type display in alphabetical order.

The Tasks tab displays the following summary in tabular format about assigned Tasks to Request participants to that time:

  • #: The # column displays the Task ID associated with its Process. Each time that Task is assigned to a Request participant, the ID for that Task increments by one.

  • Task: The Task column displays the name of each Task to be completed for the selected Request for all Request participants. If a Task is assigned to you, a hyperlink displays in the Task name.

  • Assigned: The Assigned column displays the username's avatar to whom the Task is assigned. Hover your cursor over a user's avatar to view that person's full name.

  • Due: The Due column displays the date the Task is due. The time zone setting to display the time is according to the ProcessMaker Platform instance unless your user profile's Time zone setting is specified.

Below the table see the following:

  • The history of the Request displays all Request actions. See Request History.

  • Task comments that participants posted to that Request display in chronological order within that Request's history.

No Assigned Tasks?

If there are no assigned Tasks for the selected Request, the following message displays: No Data Available.

Display Information the Way You Want It

Control how tabular information displays, including how to sort columns or how many items display per page.

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