Request History

View a Request's history.


Request history displays in chronological order with the most recent events at the top.

Follow these steps to view the history:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. View one of the following Requests pages:

  3. Do one of the following:

    • From the # column in the Request page, click the Request number associated with the Process that you want to view. That Request's summary displays.

Request History

Below the tabular information summarizing the Request displays that Request's history: all Request actions to that time in chronological order. The oldest Request actions display at the top of the Request history.

The following information displays about each action in the Request history:

  • Request participant: The Request participant who performed the action is represented by his or her avatar. Hover your cursor over a user's avatar to view that person's full name. If the system performed an action by running a Script or other automated function, that action is represented by "S" avatar.

  • Date and time the action occurred: To the right of the Request participant displays the date and time the Request action occurred. The time zone setting to display the time is according to the ProcessMaker Platform instance unless your user profile's Time zone setting is specified.

  • Description of the action: To the right of when the Request action occurred displays a description of that action. The system generates this action description.

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