Using the Launchpad

View the Process Launchpad to see and take action over the available processes and Guided Templates.

View the Process Launchpad

Follow these steps to view the Process Launchpad:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. Click the Processes option from the top menu to view the Process Launchpad.

Process Launchpad shows the following information:

  • The Search Categories field to search process categories.

  • The Available Processes section displays all the available process categories and has the following built-in categories:

    • All Processes: All processes. It displays as default.

    • My Bookmarks: All processes marked as favorites. It displays as default.

    • Uncategorized: All processes without category.

    • Default Templates: All processes created using a template.

  • The Add From Templates section displays Guided Templates.

  • The main panel displays the process tiles.

View a Process in the Launchpad

Follow these steps to view a process through the Process Launchpad:

  1. From the Process Browser menu on left, select a category from the list of Available Processes. Alternatively, enter the name of a category in the Search Categories field to filter processes.

  2. After a category has been selected, the main panel displays all the processes in the selected category.

  3. In the top-right of the selected process card, click the Add to My Bookmarks icon to add this process to the My Bookmarks category on the left.

  4. Click a process card to view details of that process.

    The process launchpad displays the following:

    • The name of the process and its description.

    • An image carousel. Add images for it in the process launchpad configuration.

    • Next to the process title, click the three dots icon to manage the process. Start a case through the Process Launchpad.

    • Below the Start this Process option displays the number of active requests.

    • Below the request counter is a custom chart which is selected in the process launchpad configuration.

    • The Process Launchpad bottom displays two tables My Requests and My Tasks. My Requests display request status and links to it. My Tasks displays task status and a link to its case.

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