On-Premises Server Requirements

Before installing on-premises, understand which technologies ProcessMaker Platform requires.

On-Premises Server Requirements

The following server requirements are only for a ProcessMaker Platform on-premises installation. Since ProcessMaker Platform is primarily an Enterprise cloud solution, these server requirements do not apply to cloud instances.

ProcessMaker Platform is built on Laravel 10 framework.

The following are server requirements to install ProcessMaker Platform on-premises:

  • Core server components: Ensure your server has the following core components:

    • PHP 8.2 or later

    • Composer Dependency Manager 2 for PHP

    • PHP extensions:

      • BCMath PHP extension

      • Ctype PHP extension

      • Curl PHP extension

      • Dom PHP extension

      • GD PHP extension

      • Imagick PHP extension

      • IMAP PHP extension

      • JSON PHP extension

      • Mbstring PHP extension

      • MySQL PHP extension

      • OpenSSL PHP extension

      • PDO PHP extension

      • SQLlite3 PHP extension

      • Tokenizer PHP extension

      • XML PHP extension

      • ZIP PHP extension

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 or later recommended

  • Database: MySQL 8.0

  • Web server: NGINX 1.x or later with PHP-FPM

  • Container server: Docker 20 or later

  • Queue and cache server: Single-node Redis 5.0.3

  • JavaScript engine: Node 16.15.0

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