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What is a Project?

Understand what a Project is in ProcessMaker Platform.


A Project is a way to organize assets and collaborate with others to fulfill the same goal. Projects makes it easier and more efficiently organize assets to develop the same business solution:
  • Manage assets more easily by organizing them into one Project for all Project members to easily locate and design together.
  • More easily reuse those assets within the business solution.
Projects save time, enhance design productivity and consistency, and more easily maintain the final deliverable.

Available Assets for a Project

The following asset types are available for a Project:
When creating an asset, optionally assign it to a Project.
When adding an existing asset to a Project, the original asset or a copy of that original may be added. When a copy is added to a Project, changes made to that copy do not affect the original.

Manage Designers within a Project Easily

Easily manage Project members who are designing within that project goal. As a Project member, that Designer can work with any asset within that Project without user permissions for any asset type. For example, a Project member does not need user permissions for Processes, Scripts, and Screens to work with those asset types while a member of that Project. A user with no asset-type permissions may use assets in the following circumstances:
  • That user is a member of a specific Project. That user may only use assets within the Project to which that user is a member. All members in a Project may use the assets within it. Project membership does not grant viewing assets not within the Project unless that user has user or group permissions for individual asset types.
  • That asset, or a copy of the original asset, has been added to that specific Project.
Note that Projects do not invalidate user permissions. For example, if a user is not a member of a Project but has Process user or group permissions, that Designer may work with any Process in that organization.
Introduction to Projects
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