Collaborate in Real-Time with Designers in Process Modeler

Collaborate with other Process Designers simultaneously to more quickly iterate and synchronize Process modeling.


Leverage the diverse perspectives and expertise within your organization to simultaneously build processes using the Collaborative Modeler. This feature allows team members to make edits at the same time, fostering faster iterations, accelerated design decisions, and improved productivity.
  • Invite your collaborators: Invite your team to collaborate with you to design your Process.
  • Write comments to your collaborators: Tag your collaborators in comments directly within Process Modeler to discuss workflow design. Comment recipients receive your comments as a notification.
  • Track activity: View and follow the actions performed by other designers. You will be notified of changes being made by your team members to prevent overwriting each other's work.
Watch the following product tour to learn how to use collaborative feature in the Modeler:
Start collaborating in a Process's design:
  1. 3.
    Track other collaborators' locations in your Process model. See how your collaborators add and move Process model objects in real-time. While collaborating, write comments to other Process Designers.
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