What is a Task?

Understand what Tasks are in ProcessMaker Platform.


In simple terms, a "Task" represents an activity or work a Request participant must do. This activity may be information that must be provided, reviewed, approved, decided about, or otherwise acted upon via ProcessMaker Platform. However, a Task may also be an activity that occurs in the physical environment in which ProcessMaker Platform is not involved: moving inventory containers or making a phone call, for example. People participate in Processes through Tasks.

For example, each of the following are Tasks that you might use for a purchase process:

  • An employee enters information about the purchase request, such as items to be requisitioned.

  • A manager approves or rejects the purchase request.

  • The purchasing manager enters information on a vendor website to order approved items.

  • Warehouse personnel move purchased inventory for shipping.

  • Self-service a Task to review a purchase request by assigning that Task to yourself from a queue of Tasks.

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