Values in the Request

View the information entered into a Request.


The Summary tab displays the summary of information entered into Screens and accumulated into the completed or canceled Request. The Summary tab may display values in the Request in the following ways:

  • By default, Request data displays in JSON format key-value pairs in tabular format that represent Screen control data.

  • Configure a Display-type Screen that summarizes specific information from the Request. See Configure a Process.

Follow these steps to view values in the Request:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. View one of the following Requests pages:

  3. Do one of the following:

    • From the # column in the Request page, click the Request number associated with the Process that you want to view. That Request's summary displays.

  4. Click the Summary tab. A data table displays all values entered into the Request.

Values in the Request

The Summary tab displays if requests are In-Progress, Completed, or Canceled status.

If the Request is in progress, there are no Request values to display. Instead, the Summary tab displays the following message: This Request is currently in progress. This screen will be populated once the Request is completed.

Click a tab below to view the Summary tab for each status type that uses it. Tabs for each status type display in alphabetical order.

When the Summary tab displays the JSON-formatted key-value pairs from the Request data, the following information displays:

  • Key: The Key column displays the JSON key name that represents the Screen control name the Request participant entered data. For example, a Rich Text control to enter your company's name could have a Variable Name setting value of companyName which would display in the Key column here.

  • Value: The Value column displays that key's value as entered by a person manually interacting with a form. For example, a Text control to enter your name could have the value John Doe which would display in the Value column here.

Below the Summary tab or the in-progress message, the history of the Request displays all Request actions. See Request History.

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