Access ProcessMaker Platform RESTful API Documentation

Access the ProcessMaker Platform RESTful API documentation from your ProcessMaker Platform instance.


Despite the ProcessMaker Platform user interface, the platform operates entirely from a RESTful API. Administrators and developers may want to access our API documentation to understand how to use endpoints or to consider how to extend ProcessMaker Platform functionality for their own use cases.

Test API endpoints to see how they work. For example, view the curl command or URL to run our API endpoint, the possible responses and returned schema structure, and other technical information how to use that API endpoint.

You must have the following to test our API endpoints from the API documentation. You must know the base URL to your ProcessMaker Platform instance. Example:

Test API Endpoints from the API Documentation

Follow these steps to test our RESTful API endpoints from the API documentation:

  1. Open a new Web browser tab or window.

  2. Append api/documentation to the end of your ProcessMaker Platform instance's base URL. Example: The API documentation displays.

  3. Click the Try it out button, and then enter parameters documented for that API endpoint into their appropriate fields.

  4. Click Execute.

Make API Calls with the Data Connector Package

If the Data Connector package is installed, you may use a Data Connector to make requests (calls) with our API associated with your ProcessMaker Platform instance. See Manage Data Connectors.

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