What is Actions By Email?

Understand what actions can be performed through email and how you can integrate it in your server environment.


The Actions By Email package package must be installed.

The Actions By Email package sends emails automatically during your Processes' Requests. During a Request, email recipients can make business decisions directly in the email by clicking on a button to indicate that decision. The email response returns to your ProcessMaker Platform instance to acknowledge the decision, then routes workflow for that Request. Use the Actions By Email settings to configure an IMAP server for retrieving these email responses.

The Actions By Email package has the Actions By Email connector that integrates into the Process Modeler. When the Actions By Email connector triggers during a Request, an email is sent to the Request participant to make a decision as part of the Request. This email contains pre-configured buttons for the participant to easily indicate the decision. After the email recipient clicks a button, ProcessMaker Platform receives the response through the IMAP server configured in Actions By Email settings and uses the indicated decision as part of the Request routing.

For detailed information on how to use Actions By Email functionality in your Processes, refer to Actions By Email connector and Actions By Email package.

To configure your IMAP server, refer to Actions by Email settings.

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