What is Queue Management?

Understand what Queue Management is in ProcessMaker Platform.


ProcessMaker Platform is built on the Laravel framework. Laravel Horizon is a robust queue monitoring solution. Use Laravel Horizon to monitor key metrics of your queue system such as job throughput, runtime, and job failures.

What are Jobs and Queues?


In context with ProcessMaker Platform, a job is any action in which ProcessMaker must perform. A job is something that ProcessMaker Platform must run for it to function properly.

Below are examples of jobs:


A queue manages and monitors the sequence of jobs that ProcessMaker Platform must run. When a job is called, that job enters the queue. If there is no delay to run the job, the queue loads that job to run as soon as possible. However, some jobs are intentionally delayed from running immediately such as a Start Timer Event element in a Request.

The queue has the following functions:

  • The queue manages pending jobs regardless of whether a job is to run as soon as possible or at a later time.

  • The queue monitors how efficiently jobs run. Queue Management indicates via dashboard metrics job throughput in the queue.

Failed Jobs

A failed job is one in which ProcessMaker Platform has unsuccessfully attempted to run a job three (3) times. Thereafter, the job has failed. Queue Management displays failed jobs in both the Dashboard and the Failed page.

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