View Child Collection Records from a Parent Collection

View records in a child Collection from a parent Collection when the two Collections have a defined relationship.

View Records in a Child Collection

When two Collections are linked through a relationship, records in the child Collection can be viewed from the parent Collection.

Package Required

The Collections package must be installed.

Permissions Required

Your user account or group membership must have the "Collections: View Collections" permission on both parent and child Collections to view the list of Collections unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected. See the Collections permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Furthermore, your user account or group membership must have the View record permission from a Collection's configuration to view that Collection's records. See Configure a Collection or ask the manager of that Collection for assistance.

Follow these guidelines to view child Collection records in a parent Collection:

Create a New Record in the Child Collection

Click the +Record button. See Create a Child Collection Record.

Edit a Record in the Child Collection

Delete a Record from the Child Collection

No Records in this Collection?

If no records exist in this Collection, or you do not have permission to view any, the following message displays: No Data Available.

Display Information the Way You Want It

Control how tabular information displays, including how to sort columns or how many items display per page.

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