Dynamic UI Package

Manage dashboards that display BMI and KPI metrics for stakeholders. Manage top-level menus that link to often-used ProcessMaker Platform locations, custom links, and often-used Requests.


The Dynamic UI package must be installed.

Use the Dynamic UI package to design custom experiences in the following ways:

  • Create dashboards that display business management information (BMI) and key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance for business stakeholders. Dashboards created in ProcessMaker Platform are Display-type Screens that can contain Saved Search charts and information designed to show relevant BMI and KPIs.

  • Configure a dashboard to be the default homepage for specific users and/or groups. When these users log on to ProcessMaker Platform, the dashboard displays content by default so that stakeholders can act on ProcessMaker Platform business data and information quickly. For example, create one dashboard for your Sales team that displays sales KPIs and another for dashboard that displays KPIs for your Marketing team.

  • Replace the top-level menus that display in ProcessMaker Platform. Instead of the default menu options, customize them to link to often-used ProcessMaker Platform locations such as Collections and Saved Searches to which those users and/or group members have access, often-started Requests, external links in your organization, or any other hyperlink that your users can expect to have access. Providing custom menus simplifies how users access ProcessMaker Platform and specific uses. For example, create one menu for your Sales team members that provides links to the in-progress Requests location and their Saved Searches they use to monitor their KPIs, but another menu for all users to start Requests for often-used Processes and access Human Resources information.

  • In conjunction with the Custom UI feature, customize the logo, color scheme, and/or font that displays across the ProcessMaker Platform interface. By creating custom top-level menus, effectively white-label the user interface so that your clients and/or partners do not know that they are using ProcessMaker Platform when they log on.

  • Show or hide ProcessMaker Platform user interface components for members of a group, including the left sidebar, the +Request button to start Requests, and the breadcrumbs.

After creating the dashboards and custom menus for your business stakeholders, assign them to those users and/or group members the next time those users log on to ProcessMaker Platform:

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