Conversational Forms Package

Design functional rule-based modern chat style forms using Screens in ProcessMaker Platform.


The Conversational Form package must be installed.

Use the Conversational Forms package to design functional rule-based modern chat style forms using Screens with the Conversational-type Screen.

The Conversation Forms package has the following features and attributes:

  • When your Conversational-type Screen renders, that Screen displays as a streaming interactive form that supports rich text, text input, and multiple choice options that can be validated based on the reader's input.

  • Screen control labels and values create a conversational flow with the reader. As the form renders from top to bottom, each Screen control displays as a "chat style" instruction or question. The interactive form scrolls up the page and the next Screen control displays as the reader responds to each instruction or question. If an interstitial Screen is used, an animated GIF of dots displays as if someone is chatting with the reader.

  • Integrate Request variable values within the reader conversation as you would in Form-type Screens. For example, if the reader's name is known from a parent Request and stored in a Request variable, use mustache syntax to reference that Request variable's value within a Rich Text control to display that reader's name in a personalized message within the chat response.

  • Determine when the reader has deserted the chat experience. Each reader response to the chat experience resets a timeout counter. If the counter expires, a message displays Are you still there? and then begins a final countdown. If the timer expires or the reader navigates away from that page, then the accumulated chat content automatically submits and completes with a message This conversation has expired. with a button to restart the chat experience which reads Start Over.

After designing your Conversational-type Screen, embed it to a third-party site to provide site visitors an automated chat-style interaction.

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