Assign Vocabularies to a Process

Assign Vocabularies to a Process to validate Request data.

Assign Vocabularies That Validate Request Data for a Process

Package Required

The Vocabularies package must be installed to assign which Vocabularies validate Request data for a Process. Use the Vocabularies package to maintain uniform JSON schemas across all ProcessMaker assets in your organization. These assets include Processes, Screens, and Scripts.

A Vocabulary is a JSON schema. The JSON schema describes the data objects, types, and structure that you want in both a machine and human-readable format. Apply one or more Vocabularies to your Processes and/or specific BPMN 2.0 elements in your Process models to ensure the JSON data model in Request data complies with the data structure outlined in the JSON schema that you need to meet regulatory specifications or ensure Request data contains required information.

Permissions Required

Your user account or group membership must have the following permissions to configure a Process unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected:

  • Processes: Edit Processes

  • Processes: View Processes

See the Processes permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Assign Vocabularies that validate Request data complies with a specific JSON schema. This is often mandatory for many types of business sectors including banking and healthcare. Ensure the quality and compliance of Request data. For example, during a Loan Application process, ensure that personal information has been included in the Request to that moment in that in-progress Request. The Vocabularies package must be installed to make this configuration.

Each moment ProcessMaker Platform evaluates workflow routing for an in-progress Request, ProcessMaker Platform also evaluates the Request data's conformity to the Vocabularies applied to the Process and/or a specific BPMN 2.0 element in the Process model. The Request's JSON data model must conform to the Vocabulary's JSON schema.

During an in-progress Request, if ProcessMaker Platform evaluates that the Request data no longer complies with all Vocabularies to that moment, the Request status changes from In Progress to Error. The error displays in the Request summary. Vocabularies are cumulative in an in-progress Request: as the Request progresses, if Request data does not conform with any Vocabulary's JSON schema to that moment in the Request, the Request errors.

If no Vocabularies are assigned, ProcessMaker Platform does not validate Request data complies with a specific JSON schema prior to continuing workflow for that Request.

One or more Vocabularies must be created before assigning a Vocabulary. See Create a New Vocabulary. Multiple Vocabularies can be assigned to a Process.

Follow these steps to assign Vocabularies that validate Request data from this Process:

  1. View your active Processes. The Processes page displays.

  2. Click the Vocabularies tab. If the Vocabularies package is not installed then the Vocabularies tab is not visible and this configuration cannot be performed.

  3. From the Assign Process Vocabularies drop-down, select which Vocabularies are available for this Process.

    If no Vocabularies are configured, then the following message displays: List is empty. Create at least one Vocabulary. See Create a New Vocabulary.

  4. Click Save.

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