What is a Process Template?

Use Process Templates to quickly create new Processes.

What is a Process Template?

A Process Template is a ready-to-use Process that serves as a foundation for designing new Processes. By using Process Templates, expedite the time to design new Processes, minimize the need for duplicative effort, and guarantee a consistent appearance and functionality across all Processes in your organization.

ProcessMaker Platform Spring 2023 version and later has Process Templates available from which to begin your business solutions. ProcessMaker knows how to best design Processes. Learn from our best practices how to model Process and use Enterprise packages in them. Our curated Processes across multiple industries and use cases saves time and effort from designing your own from a blank Process Modeler canvas.

Why Use Process Templates?

Process Templates save time and effort in the following ways:

  • Process Templates do not require exporting a Process, then importing it to the same or different ProcessMaker Platform instance.

  • Process Templates provide an overview of that Template's purpose, use case, and a thumbnail view of the Process model.

  • Regardless of whether you are an experienced Process designer or are new to ProcessMaker Platform, use Process Templates to quickly learn Process design and best practices from ready-to-deploy Process models and associated assets.

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