Enable the SCIM Setting

Enable the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) setting to use in your SCIM apps.

Enable the SCIM Setting

Package Required

The Auth package must be installed.

Permissions Required

Your user account or group membership must have the "Settings: View Settings" permission to enable SCIM settings unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected.

If your user account does not have the Make this user a Super Admin option selected, the following additional permissions are required to successfully access ProcessMaker's SCIM endpoints:

See user permissions/group permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Follow these steps to enable the SCIM setting:

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. Click the Admin option from the top menu. The Users page displays.

  3. Click the SCIM tab. The SCIM tab displays the SCIM base URL in the Configuration column. By default SCIM is disabled.

  4. Enable the SCIM toggle key in the Configuration column. The SCIM base URL displays beside the SCIM Base URL setting to copy into clipboard for inclusion into your SCIM provider's settings. The SCIM base URL is set for your ProcessMaker Platform instance as a redirected URL that cannot be edited.

  5. Obtain a bearer token for your user account and copy it into your SCIM provider's settings.

Copy the SCIM Base URL

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