Configure Actions By Email Settings

Configure general information about Actions By Email settings.

Package Required

The Actions By Email package package must be installed.

Permission Required

Your user account or group membership must have the "Settings: View Settings" permission to search Actions By Email settings unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected.

See the Settings permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Best Practice Before Configuring Actions By Email Settings

If upgrading ProcessMaker Platform and you are changing settings in Actions By Email, ensure that to do not have in-progress Requests. Otherwise, Requests with Actions By Email that were running try to connect to the old IMAP settings in previous ProcessMaker (Platform) versions. This would cause a connection error and it displays the message Mail Delivery Failed. Then, it generates spam that blocks the ProcessMaker Platform environment.

If there are in-progress Requests and you update IMAP settings in Actions by Email settings, fix this issue as follows:

  1. Open the command console.

  2. Go to the ProcessMaker Platform installation folder.

  3. Run the following command: php artisan package-actions-by-email:install --cancel-running-requests

  4. Run the following command: php artisan config:cache

  5. Ensure that there are no unread Requests for the new IMAP settings.

Configure Actions By Email settings

To allow access to your IMAP server, the following information is needed:

  • IMAP server address.

  • IMAP server port number.

  • IMAP username and password.

  • IMAP folder name to use for response emails (Inbox is used by default).

Unique Email Account

It is recommended to use a unique email account configured in the IMAP Username setting. Other default email addresses or other configured email addresses should not use the same email account in the Actions By Email IMAP settings.

Configure the following Actions By Email settings as necessary:

  1. View your Actions By Email settings. The Actions By Email tab displays.

  2. Enter the address of your IMAP server, and then click Save.

  3. Enter your IMAP port, and then click Save.

  4. Optionally, enter the name or the path to your IMAP folder if you want to retrieve the emails from a different folder, and then click Save.

  5. Enter the username for authentication to your IMAP server, and then click Save.

  6. Enter the password for authentication to your IMAP server, and then click Save.

  7. Enter the polling interval of your IMAP server in the edit box or adjust the slider to select a polling interval. Polling interval determines how often response emails are retrieved from the IMAP server. Click Save to save your settings.

  8. Optionally, enable the Validate IMAP SSL Certificate toggle key to validate the SSL certificate of your IMAP server before response emails are retrieved. The following message displays: The setting was updated. Enabling this option enhances security, but could introduce compatibility issues with some IMAP servers.

  9. Optionally, enable the Reference in Subject Line toggle key to add information about your Process in the subject line of the response emails. The following message displays: The setting was updated. When this option is enabled, a reference in the following syntax is added to the subject line: PMABEREF <Process ID> <Node ID>

    • PMABEREF is an acronym for "ProcessMaker Actions By Email Reference".

    • Process ID is the ID of the Process containing the Actions By Email connector.

    • Node ID is the ID of the Actions By Email connector in the Process.

    For example: PMABEREF 2343 node_6

  10. Click the Test Connection button. The following message displays if the test is successful: Server successfully connected. If a connection to the IMAP server could not be established, the following message displays: Cannot connect to server. Please check your configurations.

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