Example: Exclude Data setting for Web Entry in Form Tasks

Follow an example that uses the Exclude Data setting for Web Entries in Form Task elements.


Intended audience: Process designers, Web designers, graphic designers, software developers

Tags: Exclude Data, Web Entry, Form Task

This example demonstrates how to configure Web Entry in Form Tasks. This Web Entry uses the Exclude Data setting to hide sensitive data, such as when displaying a code.

Follow these guidelines to use the Exclude Data setting for a Web Entry in a Form Task element:

  1. Design a Form-type Screen with two Line Input controls and a Submit Button control.

  2. Design a Process with the following elements:

  3. Assign your created Screen to the first and second Form Task elements.

  4. Configure the Web Entry in the second Form Task element as follows:

    1. In the Mode setting, select Anonymous.

    2. In the Completed Action setting, select Screen.

    3. In the Screen For Completed setting, select a Screen after the Web Entry Screen submission.

    4. In the Exclude Data setting, click the plus icon.

    5. Enter the variable that will not display in the Web Entry Screen. For this example, it is Code.

  5. Start a Request of this Process.

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