Create a New Process from an Existing Template

Use a Template to create a new Process.

Create a New Process from an Existing Template

Your user account or group membership must have the following permissions to create a new Process unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected:

  • Processes: Create Processes

  • Processes: View Processes

  • Process Templates: View Process Templates

See the Processes and Process Templates permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Follow these steps to create a new Process from a Template:

  1. View your active Processes. The Processes tab displays.

  2. Click the +Process button. The New Process screen displays.

  3. To create a new Process from a Template, select one of the Process Template cards at the bottom of the screen. A preview of the Template displays.

  4. Optionally, use any of the following to navigate the thumbnail view of the Process model:

    • Pan around after zooming into the thumbnail view: Hold with the mouse, then pan around the thumbnail view.

    • Reset the thumbnail view: Click the Reset button.

  5. In the Name setting, enter the unique name for the Process. Process names must be unique in your organization regardless of whether the Process is active or archived, and can only use apostrophe characters (') and spaces. This is a required setting.

  6. In the Description setting, enter a description of the Process. This is a required setting.

  7. From the Process Manager drop-down menu, select the Process Manager for this Process.

  8. Click Save. The new Process displays in Process Modeler and shows the assets from the selected Template.

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