Preview a File from File Manager

Preview a file from any File Manager folder.

Preview a File from File Manager

Preview any of the following file types that File Manager supports to preview:

  • GIF

  • JPG

  • MP4

  • ODP

  • ODT

  • OGG

  • PDF

  • PNG

The File Manager package is required to view a file in File Manager.

Follow these steps to view a file from File Manager:

  1. View File Manager. File Manager displays.

  2. View one of the following folders in File Manager:

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click anywhere in the row containing the file to view.

    The selected file displays in preview, as an example shows below. If viewing a supported file type, use that previewer's navigation to browse the file.

  4. Do any of the following:

      • URL to the file: File Manager displays a direct link to the selected file.

      • When and whom added the file: File Manager displays the datetime and the user that added the selected file to File Manager.

      • When and whom last modified the file: File Manager displays the datetime and the user who last modified the selected file in File Manager. A file is modified in File Manager when it is renamed.

      • File type: File Manager displays the selected file's type by its MIME extension.

      • File size: File Manager displays the file size of the selected file.

      The Information icon is selected by default.

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