What is a User Signal?

Understand what a User Signal is and how it is configured.


The Advanced User package must be installed.

User Signals allow Process designers to react to changes to user accounts. When a change occurs to a user account, a BPMN 2.0 Signal event triggers; any Process that subscribes to that Signal can react. The Signal includes a payload containing that user’s data as a data array.

Below is a description of each user-type event and the Signal ID value to use for its corresponding Signal.

User-Type Event

Description of Event

Signal ID






A user account is accessed in either of the following ways:




When a User Signal event triggers, the following occurs:

  • That User Signal broadcasts the _user Magic Variable containing the user account affected by that User Signal event. For example, the full name set in the affected user account is accessible with JSON dot notation as _user.fullname. See the _user Magic Variable to reference any JSON object within this Magic Variable.

  • The User Signal event broadcasts any User Enhanced Properties and the affected user account's corresponding values.

Learn about Collection Signals.

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