View Collections

View the Collections in your organization that you're allowed to view or revise.

View All Collections

ProcessMaker Platform displays all Collections in one table. This makes it easy to manage the Collections.

Package Required

The Collections package must be installed.

Permission Required

Your user account or group membership must have the "Collections: View Collections" permission to view the list of Collections unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected. This permission is different than record permissions in a Collection that allow you to view the records in that Collection.

See the Collections permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Follow these steps to view all Collections in your organization:

  1. Log on to ProcessMaker Platform.

  2. Click the Admin option from the top menu. The Users page displays.

The Collections page displays the following information in tabular format about Collections:

  • ID: The ID column displays the Collection's ID. ProcessMaker Platform automatically generates the ID value when the Collection is created and represents a sequential number of how many total Collections have been created to that time.

  • Name: The Name column displays the Collection's name.

  • Type: The Type column identifies whether the list displays a Collection or a Saved Search.

  • # Records: The # Records column displays how many records are in each Collection.

  • Created By: The Created By column displays the user who created the Collection. Hover your cursor over the user's avatar to view that person's full name.

  • Created: The Created column displays the date and time the Collection was created. The time zone setting to display the time is according to the ProcessMaker Platform instance unless your user profile's Time zone setting is specified.

Search for a Collection

Use the Search field to filter Collections that display.

Create a Collection

Click the +Collection button. See Create a New Collection.

View Records in a Collection

Configure a Collection

Delete a Collection

Export a Collection

View the Child Record(s) from a Parent Collection

If this Collection has a relationship with another Collection, view the records related to those in this Collection. See View Child Collection Records from a Parent Collection.

No Collections?

If no Collections exist, or you do not have permission to view any, the following message displays: No Data Available.

Display Information the Way You Want It

Control how tabular information displays, including how to sort columns or how many items display per page.

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