Menu Design Best Practices

Consider the following best practices and considerations when designing custom menus for your business stakeholders.

Consider the following when designing custom menus. When configuring a menu, ensure that your business stakeholders have access to each link's location. For example, ensure that business stakeholders have appropriate user and/or group permissions that allow them to access to destinations. Many of the following considerations also pertain to configuring which URL to redirect a user or members of a group when they next log on.

Generally, when a user cannot access a ProcessMaker location or asset, ProcessMaker Platform displays Unauthorized to that user.

Ensure that each user that may access the link that starts a Process's Request is configured from a Start Event element to start a Request from its Process.

See Locate the URL to Start a Request.

Ensure that all users/group members that use the menu or redirect to a Collection have the following:

See Locate a Collection's URL.

Ensure that all users/group members that use the menu or redirect to a Saved Search have been shared the Saved Search.

See Locate a Saved Search's URL.

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