PDF Generator Package

Automatically generate PDFs of Display-type Screens in a Process.


The PDF Generator package must be installed.

Use the PDF Generator package to automatically generate PDFs of Display-type Screens during Requests.

After the PDF Generator package is installed, the PDF Generator connector integrates into Process Modeler. Use the PDF Generator connector in your Process models as you would BPMN elements: drag and place the PDF Generator connector into your Process model, configure its settings, and then add its incoming and outgoing Sequence Flow elements.

Use the PDF Generator connector in your Process models when you want to provide a printable copy of a Display-type Screen, such as for Request summaries or purchase order receipts.

When the PDF Generator connector successfully generates the PDF during an in-progress Request, the PDF output can be downloaded from the Files tab in its Request summary. The PDF Generator by default names the PDF output the same as the Screen from which the PDF was generated unless the name is configured via text or by referencing a Request variable using mustache syntax. If the PDF Generator successfully generates the PDF, the PDF output remains available from that Request's summary regardless of that Request's status.

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