Documentation Package

Documentation for your Processes that includes an image of the Process map, lists all its elements and connectors, and their functional descriptions.


The Documentation package must be installed.

Use the Documentation package to enter and view documentation for your Processes. Entered documentation is for informational purposes only and does not affect Request workflow.

The documentation displays as a page within ProcessMaker Platform. Use the Web browser to print or save as a PDF if your browser supports those functions.

Process documentation has the following attributes:

  • The page generated by the Documentation package provides the following information about the Process:

    • The name of the Process.

    • When was the Process was last updated and by whom.

    • A description of the Process as entered when creating a new process.

    • An image of the Process map.

    • Names of all Process elements and their unique node IDs.

  • The documented description of each Process element and/or connector. If no description has been entered for an element/connector, No Documentation Found message displays.

Below is a documented Process.

See the following topics regarding how to view Process documentation and edit the description for Process elements and/or connectors:

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