Save Your Process Model

Save your Process model.

Save Your Process Model

Your user account or group membership must have the following permissions to save the Process model unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected:

  • Processes: Edit Processes

  • Processes: View Processes

See the Process permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

A Process model can be saved in two ways depending if the Versioning package is installed. See the following sections regarding how a Process model may be saved:

Save a Single Version of a Process model

Save Multiple Versions of a Process model

Package Required

The Versioning package must be installed to save multiple versions of a Process model.

When the Versioning package is installed, multiple versions of a Process model can be saved. A version is a set of changes made to a Process model at a particular time by a Process Designer. Versioning maintains a record of all named and unnamed changes to that Process model. Any of these versions may be viewed or retrieved, if needed. See the Versioning package for more information.

Consider the following in regards to how versioning affects Requests for a Process:

  • Each time a Process is saved, a new version of that Process is created regardless of whether it is a named version.

  • After a Request starts from a specific Process version, that Request completes using that Process version regardless of whether its associated Process is saved to a new version. Changes to its Process have no effect on started Requests.

  • If an error occurs in a Request because of a Process design error or validation, that Request cannot be recovered. Adjusting the Process by definition requires the Process model to be saved, and therefore any subsequent started Requests derive from the new Process version. Addressing the Process design error only affects future Requests based on that Process version. The previous Request affected by the error cannot be restarted using the new Process model design that addresses the Process design error.

  • Process versioning affects the entirety of the Process model. Therefore, if a Request starts and then the Process model is saved to a new version to address a Process design error, that started Request is affected by the Process design error from the previous Process version even if that Request's workflow had yet to encounter that design error at the time the Process model is saved to the new version.

Follow these guidelines to save a new version of your Process model:‌

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Save an unnamed version:

      Follow these steps to save an unnamed version:

      1. Click Save to save an unnamed version. Otherwise, click Cancel to return to Process Modeler without saving this version. As a best practice, save unnamed versions only to save work that is in active development and do not need a "milestone" set for this Process model. Otherwise, Process designers that manage versions of this Process model do not view unnamed versions when the Only show named versions toggle key is enabled while viewing that Process model's version history.

    • Save a named version:

      Follow these steps to save a named version:

      1. In the Version Name setting, enter a name for this version. The version name displays when viewing the version history of that Process model and helps identify this version. Although this setting is not required, as a best practice name each version for easier maintenance, documentation, and auditing purposes. Name the version that describes the "milestone" set for this Process model.

      2. In the Additional Details (optional) setting, optionally enter details of the changes made in this version. The additional details display when viewing the version history of that Process model and helps other Process designers or Administrators understand the changes made in that version. Enter details which concisely summarize the changes made in this version.

      3. Click Save to save this version. Otherwise, click Cancel to return to the Process modeler without saving this version.

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