File Download Control Settings

Add a control from which the Request participant can download files to a local computer.

Control Description

The File Download control adds an area in the Screen from which the Request participant can download a file to a local computer that was attached to the Request via a File Upload control in a different Screen in that Request.

This control is only available for the following Screen types:

See Screen Types.

Permissions Required

Your user account or group membership must have the following permissions to design a Screen unless your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected:

  • Screens: Edit Screens

  • Screens: View Screens

See the Screens permissions or ask your Administrator for assistance.

Add the Control to a Screen

Permissions Required

Permissions are required to do this.

Design Best Practice

Avoid designing with more than 25 controls in one Screen.

Download Multiple Files Uploaded from a Previous Task

See this example how to download multiple files that have been uploaded from a previous Task in that Request.

Follow these steps to add this control to the Screen:

  1. View the Screen page to which to add the control.

  2. Drag the File Download icon into the Screen Builder canvas. Existing controls on the Screen Builder canvas adjust positioning based on where you drag the control.

  3. Place into the Screen Builder canvas where you want the control to display on the Screen.

  4. Configure the File Download control. See Settings.

Below is a File Download control in Preview mode. The File Download control displays No files available for download until this control references a downloadable file in the Process or during a Process's Request.

Move the Control on the Page

After adding a control to a Screen page, you may move it to another location on that page such that it is above or below other controls placed on that page. A control cannot be moved to another Screen page.

Follow these steps to move a control to another location on that Screen page:

  1. Place the control at the location on the page you want it. The other control(s) on the page automatically adjust position.

Copy the Control with its Settings

Copying a control also copies the current settings of that control. The copied control displays below other controls placed on that Screen page.

Follow these steps to copy a control:

  1. Select the control to be copied.

As a best practice, after copying a control, change the Variable Name setting value for the copied control to its own unique variable value. Otherwise, in-progress Requests that use this Screen read from and send data to both controls.

Delete the Control from a Screen

Deleting a control also deletes configuration for that control. If you add another control, it will have default settings.

Follow these steps to delete a control from a Screen page:

  1. Select the control to be deleted.


The File Download control has the following panels that contain settings:

Variable Panel Settings

Click the control while in Design mode, and then click the Variable panel that is on the right-side of the Screen Builder canvas.

Below are settings for the File Download control in the Variable panel:



Advanced Panel Settings

Click the control while in Design mode, and then click the Advanced panel that is on the right-side of the Screen Builder canvas.

Below are settings for the File Download control in the Advanced panel:

Visibility Rule

Note the following regarding how to use visibility rules:

CSS Selector Name

See the following best practices regarding custom CSS in Screens:

Aria Label

Enter the string that provides a text alternative to this control for the following purposes:

  • Assistive technology, such as screen readers, read the Aria Label setting value.

  • This control has a visual indication of its purpose, such as a button that uses a graphic instead of text, but still needs to clarify that purpose for anyone who cannot access the visual indication.

Tab Order

Tab order determines the sequential navigation order to navigate a Screen's controls using a keyboard interface. Assistive technology users often use a keyboard for navigation.

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