What is PMQL?

Understand what ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL) is.


ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL) is a custom language to search ProcessMaker Platform data. Similar in ways to search query language (SQL), which is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases, use PMQL to find Requests, Tasks, and Collection record information.
Use PMQL in the following ways:
To understand how to use PQML, understand the basic concepts how to compose a PMQL search query:
  • Syntax: Syntax specifies how to compare, combine, exclude, or group the "building blocks" of a PMQL search query. An example of a comparative operator is to compare if the last name of a Request participant is (or is not) "Canera".
  • Data types: Data types specify which type of ProcessMaker Platform data to search. There are three data types in PMQL: Request, Task, and Collection.
  • Properties: Properties are the "building blocks" from which to compose PMQL queries regardless of which data type a PMQL query applies. Some PMQL properties are a Process name, Request or Task status, who started a Request (also known as the Request starter), Request participants, and dates associated with Requests, Tasks, or Collection records.
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