What is a Dashboard?

Understand what a dashboard is and how they can benefit business stakeholders with relevant BMI and KPIs at a glance.


A dashboard displays important and relevant business management information (BMI) and key performance indicators (KPI) to specific business stakeholders when they need it. A well-designed dashboard organizes and visualizes important metrics and information for these stakeholders to quickly analyze and ascertain business performance, then understand how to act upon that business information.
Clicking the Home icon
in the breadcrumbs displays the dashboard for that logged on user.
Design dashboards with the Dynamic UI package. Each dashboard designed with the Dynamic UI package comprises of a Display-type Screen. To incorporate relevant BMI and KPIs, create Saved Search charts of your Saved Search data, and then add those Saved Search charts to the Screen using the Saved Search Chart control in Screen Builder.
See dashboard design best practices for design ideas.
Last modified 3mo ago