Analytics Reporting Package

View and configure Analytics Reporting graphics.


Use Analytic Reporting package to view pre-developed reports to provide analysis of process performance across the platform. The reports provide an overview of request and user performance across the platform, an overview of historical performance of a single process, and a deeper dive into an analysis of how the process design informs the performance of requests to that process. The user is able to filter data by date through a hover in each dashboard, and each dashboard carries the user through to the next level down.
These reports pull data from ProcessMaker’s datalake, providing access to previously inaccessible request metadata, and use visualization options from D3.js to enable the types of reporting required for this overview of platform activity. The reports are available in the Analytics section of the platform, creating a dedicated space for data visualizations and analysis, while also being available for use in screens.
There are two types of reports:
There are default Dashboards in case they are not configured.
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